MIGAS '13 - 16th session

Micro & Nano Technologies for Microwave and Photonic Devices

22th - 28th June 2013, AUTRANS-GRENOBLE, France

MIGAS is an international summer school on microelectronics offering every year a forum of detailed presentations on emerging topics of advanced microelectronics and nanotechnologies.
It is a unique opportunity for senior and junior researchers to update their knowledge in a very specific and emerging field.
MIGAS brings together scientists from all over the world and from research institutes, universities, R&D companies.
MIGAS is organized in Autrans, a renown resort, located in the Regional Natural Park of the Vercors mountains, 30 km away from Grenoble. The village and the resort center offer a wide variety of recreational activities.

This school is addressed to PhD students, engineers and researchers, ...coming both from academic laboratories and from the semiconductors industry who are interested in:
- Integrated technologies for mmW and Photonics
- Silicon photonics devices and applications
- Passive
and active devices for mmW

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Scientific Committee
S. Bengtsson (Chalmers University)
J. Boussey-Said
A. Chabli (CEA-Leti)
S. Cristoloveanu
G. Ghibaudo
H. Jaouen (ST Microelectronics/IEEE EDS Member)
H. Maes (IMEC)
M. Mouis (CNRS/IEEE EDS Member)

Organizing Committee
J-D Arnould, J-M. Duchamp, P. Ferrari,
E. Lauga-Larroze, Y. Le Guennec, G. Maury, E.Pistono, F. Podevin, T.P. Vuong

L. Montès (Director)
A. Moreau (Assistant of the Director)
V. Miscioscia (Registration)
D. Alouani (
Financial Assistant)
B. Rasolofoniaina (Webmaster)

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MIGAS 2011 Group photo (zoom here)