MIGAS '09 - 12th session

SOI Concepts: from materials to devices and applications

20th - 26th June 2009, AUTRANS-Grenoble, France


The continuous reduction of transistors size is still the winning strategy of the semiconductor industry. However, further scaling needs to include new materials, technologies and device architectures.
SOI is the solution for ultimate microelectronics and for the transition to nanoelectronics.
In this context, MIGAS summer school 2009 will propose a broad spectrum of SOI-based CMOS and Beyond CMOS nanodevices.

This school is addressed to PhD students, engineers and researchers coming from both the academia and the semiconductors industry. Lectures given by renown international experts will address the SOI concepts and mechanisms, characterization techniques, novel materials and devices, circuit design and applications.

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Sorin Cristoloveanu
& Olivier Faynot
, Scientific Chairs

Laurent Montès, Director